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Buy-In Success for The Former Registered Dock Workers Pension Fund
21st February, 2018

The Trustee Corporation chairs the Board of the Trustee of The Former Registered Dock Workers Pension Fund, which was set up to provide pensions and benefits for dockworkers and former dockworkers at various UK ports and shipping organisations. We are pleased to report that the fund undertook a full risk reduction project in November 2017. This resulted in all of the fund’s liabilities being bought in with Pension Insurance Corporation (PIC) and represented the biggest buy-in of 2017. Ian Forrest said: “We are delighted to have secured the benefits for all members in full with an established, UK regulated insurance company. The Trustees are grateful to their various advisers for preparing the fund to achieve this buy-in, and to PIC for dealing with the transaction so efficiently.” A copy of the full press release is available.

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