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We provide trusteeship services to pensions plans. Pension plans come in all shapes and sizes. We do not provide a one size fits all service but rather carefully tailor a bespoke arrangement to suit the pension plan in question.


Working with the existing trustee board over many years through the evolving life of the plan.

We are happy to chair trustee boards but do not insist on this. Similarly, we are happy to take the lead on any sub-committees a trustee board may establish.

Solo Businessman

We can act as sole trustee of a pension plan. We see this as an efficient model of trusteeship for a number of reasons, including: the speed of decision-making and implementation and avoiding the need for time-consuming trustee training.

Project Paperwork

Supporting trustees in response to particularly challenging funding, covenant or other transactional scenarios. This is especially the case if conflicts of interest may be a complicating feature.

Solo Business Woman

We can provide ongoing support to the trustee board including preparing agendas, circulating meeting packs, taking minutes and managing trustees’ annual business plans.


We can provide a secure electronic vault for pension plan documents with bespoke access rights as determined by the trustees.

We tailor a bespoke arrangement to suit the pension plan in question.
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